2016 Highlights

Last year was a busy year for your Association. Here are some of the highlights:

ISPC participated in 12 Industry conferences.

ISPC continued to participate on the Executive Board of the Utility Safety and Operations Leadership Network (USOLN) and continues to help teach the Review Course for the new Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) certification test as well as lead instructors for the Frontline Leadership program. ISPC President, Ron Schenk Chairs the Director of Business Operations position on the Board.  ISPC Executive Director, Mack Turner, CUSP, is active on the USOLN Board as well, and currently is the President and Chairman of the Board.  Mack and Ron are two of five qualified instructors to teach the Review Course for the CUSP Credential Certification.

The Association continues to assist CARILEC (the Caribbean Association of Electric Utilities) implement the member-based lineworker training program throughout the Caribbean and establish a Certified Training Program for all CARILEC Member-States. CARILEC acquired the T&D PowerSkills package in 2011. CARILEC has also contracted with ISPC to provide Evaluation Placement Testing for Member Utilities, participate on the CARILEC Linesman Certification Board and assist in lineworker training as needed. ISPC’s SME’s also provided technical and supervisory training for many of CARILEC’s members at their individual facilities.  Additionally, CARILEC has chosen ISPC and T&D PowerSkills as partners in their new ‘Linesman Symposium and Rodeo’ annual event in the Caribbean.

ISPC conducted several Consulting Projects during the year, including a major Supervisory Training Project for ComEd of Chicago, involving several hundred supervisors, Leadership Training for NYPA and Leadership training for PGE&G.  ISPC also provided Live-line Bare-Hand Transmission training for Minnkota Electric Co-op, Chapman Construction and 3-Phase Electric as well as Transmission Hot Stick training for Chain Electric and many other clients. The Association’s consulting services projects continue to grow in frequency and scope.  Currently, ISPC has eight (8) Affiliated Consultant SME’s, in addition to ISPC’s on-staff SME’s.

ISPC continued a close relationship with the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) in 2016 and is participating with SMDI to help the industry learn more about working on and around steel distribution poles in an energized environment.  SMDI has asked ISPC to continue that assistance, going forward.

The Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction added 12 new members to the Association in 2016.  The membership count stands at 77, this date.

At the end of 2016 Mack Turner who was serving as the Director of Operations accept the position of Executive Director replacing Ron Schenk who will move to the office of President.

Respectfully Submitted:   Mack Turner, Executive Director

January 3, 2017