Frequently Asked Questions



  •          Does ISPC provide ‘certified’ training?

A ‘Certifying Authority’ is any organization that is qualified to Certify training programs and individuals. Your Company can be a Certifying Authority, The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training is a Certifying Authority, the American Red Cross is a Certifying Authority, some state Department of Labor Agencies are Certifying Authorities, etc. It can go on and on.

No. Training ‘Programs’ are Certified, not the material, itself. The ISPC material is intended to be used as a foundation for Training Programs – the ‘Program’ itself must be established by each Company and includes much more than just training material.

  •          Are ISPC trainers ‘certified’?

ISPC trainers are Subject Matter Experts with proven years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry. ISPC trainers are ‘Certified’ by the Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction (A Not-For-Profit Organization)


  •          Is ISPC an OSHA authorized training provider?

No, OSHA only “authorizes” trainers to facilitate OHSA Outreach courses. However ISPC can arrange OSHA Outreach courses for our clients.


  •          Does OSHA accept the training that ISPC provides?

Yes, OSHA says that a Company can certify the training received by employees from an in-house training program and issue a Certificate accordingly. OSHA is okay with the Company deciding what training each employee needs.


  •          Can ISPC train my trainers to do the training my workers need?

Yes, ISPC does provide a ‘Train the Trainer’ program with a Certificate of Qualification.


  •          Does ISPC provide training certificates?


Yes, ISPC does provide certificates for training conducted by ISPC consultants.


  •          Does ISPC keep records on the training my workers get?


Yes, a ‘Sign-in’ sheet is done for each training provided by ISPC and certificates are given to the company for individuals who complete the training.


  •          Does ISPC guarantee the training my workers get?

No,  a ‘Guarantee’ is a promise to take responsibility for the training provided by ISPC, However, ISPC does provide “Best Practices” training in the industry but there is no ‘Guarantee’ that the training provided will be implemented in the field by the individuals who participate in the training.

Yes, if the training provided by ISPC does not satisfy the terms in the contract, ISPC will refund the training project.


  •          Is ISPC insured?

Yes, ISPC is a (501)(C)(3) member based association, insured for its consultants, partners, officers and employees from and against any and all loss, damage, claim or liability by any third party to the extent arising out of Customer’s negligent acts, errors or omissions, including claims made by employees of Customer, contractor companies hired by Customer or employees of contractors hired by Customer.


  •          How does ISPC come up with the prices charged for training?

Pricing for Services is based on industry standards and is of the opinion that the Service Provider has the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services to the Customer.


  •          What different kinds of training does ISPC provide?

ISPC provides leadership, safety and skills trade training for the electric and telecommunications utility industry.


  •          Are ISPC trainers just ‘classroom’ trainers?

No, ISPC training consultants are qualified to conduct field skills training.


  •          How qualified are the trainers that ISPC uses?

ISPC trainers are Subject Matter Experts with proven years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry. ISPC trainers are ‘Qualified’ in the skills provided for each specific training program.


  •          What’s the difference between ISPC and T&D PowerSkills? 

The Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction (ISPC) was formed in 2004 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Louisiana Association to focus exclusively on safety, health and training for powerline workers throughout the United States and around the world.

T&D PowerSkills is a product name for a 78-unit Lineman Training Program.  Each unit is comprised of a Video, an Instructor’s Guide and a Student Workbook.  The video can be accessed also on-line, through the T&D PowerSkills web-based, Learning Management System (LMS).  The Student Workbook can be accessed using the ‘hard copy’ or in digital form on the LMS. T&D PowerSkills is the only training program which includes a Field Performance Requirement for each task of lineworker training, which promotes proficiency, which is an OSHA requirement for training.



  •          Do I have to join and be a member of ISPC to buy T&D PowerSkills?

No, However, when a package of T&D PowerSkills is purchased, a one (1) year membership valued at $375 is included and you are under no obligation to renew the membership, but we hope you see the value in a membership.

  •          As an ISPC member, do I get a discount?

Yes, ISPC members get a discount on safety products, access to members-only website features and depending on the level of membership, much more.