Consulting Services

ReadAreas of Consulting Expertise:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Lineman Testing
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Skill Assessment
  • Training Program Development
  • Safety Program Development
  • OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour Courses (General Industry)
  • OSHA 10 hour Courses (T & D Specific)
  • Lineman Field Skill Training
  • Consulting Staff Qualifications:  
Ron Schenk, CUSP Read More ISPC President
Mack Turner, CUSP/CUSA Read More ISPC Executive Director
Tony Boyd, COSS, CUSP Read More ISPC Senior Consultant
Ted Granger, CUSP Read More Management Practices Specialist
Andrew Menu, CUSP, CRSP Read More Canadian Practices Specialist
Rick Tobey, CUSA, CUSP Read More Transmission Specialist
Scott Young, CUSP Read More Substations Specialist
Danny L. Raines, CUSP Read More Overhead and Underground Specialist
David V. Johnson, CUSP Read More Certification Specialist
Kenneth R. Myers Read More Overhead and Substation Specialist
Eugene Williams, CUSP Read More Field Safety Specialist
Morris J. Mach, CSP Read More Transmission and Distribution Specialist
Randy Price Read More Overhead and Underground Specialist
Dan Taylor Read More Distribution and Transmission Specialist
Mike Burnett, CUSP Read More Generation Specialist

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Linemen Supervisory Training 
British Virgin Islands Electric Authority

Completed a two-day Supervisory Skills training course for 10 operations managers for British Virgin Islands Electric Authority.  Project included identifying behavioral profiles and adapting effective communication styles for electric utility field operations.

Project Managed by Ron Schenk, CUSP 

Electric Utility T&D Operations Safety Audit 
N.V. Energiebedrijven – Suriname, South America

Retained by this Dutch Operations Company to audit the safety and training effectiveness of the electric utility operations in Suriname.  Report to executive management and directors recommended sweeping changes and additions to bring the T&D operations up to world class safety and training standards.  Management has further engaged ISPC to assist with development and implementation of recommendations.

Project Managed by Ted Granger, CUSP 

Safety and Training Program Evaluation 
Team Fishel – Columbus, OH

Engaged to evaluate effectiveness of current safety and training policies, procedures and practices company-wide for T&D construction and maintenance operations, at all regional operations for this national powerline contactor.  Scope of the project also included both personnel evaluations and evaluation of existing training program material and effectiveness.  

Project Managed by Ron Schenk, CUSP 

Field Safety Manual Development 
Sharyland Utilities – Midland, TX

Creation of a Field Safety Manual for powerline crews, including polices and procedures for energized and de-energized work on overhead, underground, substation and transmission systems.

Project Managed by Ted Granger, CUSP

Transmission Hot Stick Training and Live-Line Bare Hand Training 
Chapman Constr. (A Willbros Co.) - Odessa, TX

Classroom and practice field training for  transmission crews including:

  • Applicable OSHA Regulations & Safety Best Practices
  • Hot-Line Tools Care & Maintenance, Bare Hand PPE
  • Job Planning, Rigging Considerations and Safety
  • Insulator Changeout – Suspension – V String – Dead-End
  • Clipping in and Shunting

Certificate as a Qualified Worker in Transmission Live Line Maintenance awarded.

Project Managed by Tony Boyd, CUSP

Certified Lineman Training Curriculum Development 
CARILEC – An Association of Electric Utilities in the Caribbean 

Customized the T&D PowerSkills program material to unique aspects of the electric systems in the Caribbean.  Assisted with implementation of program within CARILEC Member-Utilities, including, Train-the-Trainer classes, Evaluation Placement Testing of journey-level and apprentice lineworkers, teaching of classes and to include future program auditing services.  Project currently on-going.

Project Managed by Ron Schenk, CUSP

Insulate / Isolate Training for Underground Crews 
Davey Resources – Charlotte, NC

Train underground department personnel on effective safety practices while performing work around energized lines and equipment.

Project Managed by Mack Turner, CUSP

Development of U.S. Dept. of Labor, Training Program Certification Standards
Saber Power Systems - Houston, TX

Assisted in preparation and submittal of the Standards Documentation to submit to U.S. DOL BAT to apply for Certification of the Saber Power Systems Lineworker Apprenticeship Program.

Project Managed by Ron Schenk, CUSP