Vice President - Engineering

Job Statement:  Administers the activities of the Operations or Engineering Departments through the direct reports in engineering or operations areas to ensure that safe, efficient and cost-effective work standards are developed and implemented. Also, oversees other projects or departments from time to time as directed by the President.  Ensures overall financial integrity while providing a high degree of reliability and quality of service to the customer. Formulates and reviews intermediate and long-range plans, cash flows and construction projections to ensure budgetary stability is maintained.   Will be responsible for implementing policies, procedures, goals and objectives as directed by the President or the Boards.



  1. Provides direction and supervision to the Operations or Engineering Departments.   Serves as an active member  of the Gas Purchasing and Supply Committee.
  2. Develops intermediate and long-range plans for systems operation, maintenance and expansion to ensure adequate services to customers.
  3. Responsible for Cost Accounting systems, budgets, budget variances, Aid-To-Construction programs, Work Performance Measurement and Standards.
  4. Ensures each department is properly staffed.   Coordinates training programs in cooperation with Human Resources Director.
  5. Promotes safety programs and EEO compliance in each department.  Serves on the Executive Safety Committee.
  6. Reviews Rates and Cost of Service to ensure an equitable return ratio is maintained for each department.  Works with Chief Financial Officer on cash flows, rate adjustments and presentations to City Council.
  7. Represents company at meetings with City Council, Planning Commission, Industrial Development  Associations, Chamber of Commerce, State Highway Department, Homebuilder and Developers Associations, American Public Power Association, Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, American   Water Works Association and American Public Gas Association and other organizations.
  8. Coordinates the activities of the Electric, Gas and Water Departments with City Public Works, Department of Transportation, Airport Authority, Alabama Highway Department and their agents during design, engineering and construction of major projects to ensure System Rules and Regulations and Highway Department Regulations are followed and that construction is coordinated, scheduled and Installed following Safety Regulations and in a timely manner.
  9. Reviews and recommends payment for damage claims against company to ensure company position is    consistent and legally defensible.
  10. Reviews major work orders. Approves and justify construction budgets and operations budgets.  Prepares reports for and advises the President and Boards on a regular basis regarding activities of the department.
  11. Makes presentations to City Council, Utility Boards, governmental agencies and employees regarding utility issues.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.
  13. Submits and reviews capital budgets annually that reflects system growth, reliability, safety and staffing needs.
  14. Works effectively with the executive management team to lead the organization – communicating effectively with the other Vice Presidents, CFO , CEO and HR Director.
  15. Maintains positive relationships with city, county and state entities.

Job Requirements 

Education:  B.S. Degree in related engineering field or science discipline required.  Master degree in related engineering field desired.  PE license is desired. Other professional licenses pertaining to utilities are also desired.


Experience: Ten (10) years management or engineering level background with public utilities required.  Experience with gas, water and/or electric distribution systems is preferred. 


Equipment:  Personal computer, telephone, vehicle.  


Physical Demands:  Sedentary work in office environment.  Occasional exposure to inclement weather.   Must be able to deal with multiple priorities and short deadlines. 

Other: Must possess excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.   Subject to recall during system emergencies.

Huntsville, Alabama, 35801, United States
Huntsville Utilities