Mr. Turner, Sir I want to let you know of a couple of changes since I received my CUSP from your class in Maine. Sometime a person  give a training or class. That person says or acts a certain way that the guy sitting in that class takes stock in who he is and what he is doing with his life. Can't express my gratitude. Since Maine I left the company I worked for to take a position at a company that gave me some title and sit on the UTA safety committee. I know you use the word honor. Sir it was my honor to be the guy sitting in your training. 

- Robert Jennings |CHST, CUSP
Safety Director
Northeast Remsco Construction, Inc.
Caldwell Marine International, L.L.C.
Huxted Tunneling, L.L.C.
E.C.I. Drilling International, L.L.C.


We all thought the professionalism you portrayed along with the life experience stories that you were able to weave into the rubber glove training was great. You were able to take the crews from the basic set-up through the Job Safety Analysis and then allow them to get in the bucket and put their plan to work. Our evaluation form showed very high marks in your class. Hope to work with you some more in the future.

-John Dvorak
Safety Director
Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives


Thank you for lending the MEUW crew leadership seminar.  It is our objective in providing instructional seminars to rpesent the most up-to-date and industry releavant material to our members in order to improve performance.

Your instruction provided attendees with valuable information and we  sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into preparing and delivering your presentation.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

- Zachary Bloom
Executive Director
Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin. 


Thanks again for providing the effective Safety Management training program! The industry-specific content is fantastic, pertinent and up-to-date, and the class had the perfect blend of lecture and workshop exercises. This is the first time I’ve seen our supervisors fully engaged and participating in class. They even stayed awake!

- Debra A. Helmintoller
Human Resources Director
Chain Electric Company 

On March 12-13th, 2009 Ron Schenk, ISPC Executive Director attended the CARILEC Conference in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands where he delivered a presentation on Lineman Training Standard.

On July 25-28th, 2010 Ron Schenk, ISPC Executive Director attended the CARILEC Conference in St. Maarten, U.S. Virgin Islands where he delivered a presentation on training for live line work.